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Here at GM Painting, we offer a number of different services to improve your home in any way you need, or want.


We can paint both the exterior and interior of all homes. Our paint is only the highest quality Shermin-Williams paint to ensure the best durability and vibrancy. We can take care of any job, and will never shy away from hard-to-paint, or small, spaces. 

Powerwashing and Staining

At GM Painting, we can powerwash decks, concrete, and the siding on your home.  After powerwashing, your home will appear cleaner than ever, and does no damage. If you would like to further improve your home, we can stain your deck or woodsiding to make it appear like-new.


If you have an existing hole in your wall, or if you decide that you want a new wall, GM Painting can do that. Our drywalling meets the highest standards set by the top contractors in Maryland. We are quick, effective and will not leave any mess.